• Santosh Shetty


This study focuses on the fragility of the Global Supply Chain (GSC), specifically
within the alcoholic beverages (Alco Bev) industry in India. The study highlights several
factors that contribute to this vulnerability, including limited supplier diversification,
regulatory hurdles, transportation and logistics challenges, geopolitical factors, natural
disasters and climate change, cybersecurity threats, and insufficient risk management
strategies, among others.
An extensive literature review underscores the importance of strengthening Global
GSCs to enhance their resilience in the face of disruptions. The review explores the
challenges faced by the Alco Bev industry during the Covid-19 pandemic and examines
the strategies implemented to mitigate its impact. The study reveals that pandemic-related
disruptions significantly affected the industry, leading to increased costs and delivery
delays. Therefore, it emphasizes the necessity of a flexible and resilient GSC capable of
adapting to unforeseen events such as the pandemic.
The study employed as well as included document analysis and survey
questionnaires, to gain insights into key stakeholders, service providers, and institutions
involved in the Alco Bev industry. Furthermore, the target audience for the study
encompassed various entities within the industry, such as manufacturers, wholesalers,
retailers, various logistics service providers, customs house agents, duty-free operators, and
Customs bonded warehouse operators.
The survey questions were designed and mapped to address eight research
questions concerning the strategies employed by Alco Bev organisations in navigating the
challenges of the GSC during the pandemic. The study's results, based on responses from
66 survey participants, highlighted the significance of robust and resilient GSCs in
improving overall performance. It was suggested that international collaboration could
play a crucial role in mitigating GSC interruptions by facilitating the maintenance of
normal operations during unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, the study recommended
the utilisation of artificial intelligence as a tool for predicting and preventing SC disruptions
and emphasised the importance of collaboration between SC organisations and mass media
organisations to address issues such as fake news, consumer panic, and cost increases.
Finally, the study proposed areas for future research, including evaluating the
regulatory framework, analysing the role of technology, examining the effects of climate
change, assessing sustainability, and studying the impact of geopolitical risks. Overall, the
study emphasised the fragility of the GSC and the need for proactive measures to enhance
its resilience in the Alco Bev industry in India.




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